Dog walking

If you are looking for someone to walk your dog for an hour, you have to select the dog walking service. The rates stated on the sitter's profile are per hour.

The dog sitter will come get your dog at your house and bring him back after so your doggy walks around his usual area.

During the service, you'll be able to be in touch with the dog sitter through our mobile app and the dog sitter will be able to send you photos and news of your furry friend so you are at peace while apart.

It's very important that the collar and leash are in perfect condition, please check the material before handing over your dog.

Remember to tell the dog sitter any detail you deem necessary about your dog (if he pulls on the leash, if you have to watch everything he finds so he doesn't eat it, areas and parks to avoid, etc).

The dog sitter will NEVER walk your dog without a leash except in closed spaces with your previous authorisation.

The day after the service has finished, you will be asked to give your opinion on the service you and your dog received and this will go on the dog sitter's profile so that other dog owners will be able to see this.