Dog walking

Dog walking: a sitter walks your dog for an hour.

Both pick-up and drop-off will take place at your address, meaning that your dog will be able to walk in an area familiar to them. 

You can stay in contact with the sitter throughout the walk via our app. The sitter can also send photos so you can see what a great time your dog is having.

It’s crucial that your dog’s collar/harness and lead are in good condition. Check both before the sitter comes to collect your dog.

Remember to make the sitter aware of any important details about your dog, and anything that they need to bear in mind during the walk. This can include whether they pull on the lead, if they tend to eat everything they find on the ground, any dogs or parks to avoid, etc.

The sitter will never let your dog off their lead! The only exception to this being enclosed areas with an owner’s prior approval.