Dog boarding

Dog boarding: a sitter takes care of your dog at their address during the day and night

For this service, the rate that appears on the sitter’s profile is for a 24-hour stay. When submitting a booking request to the sitter, you must indicate your dog’s pick-up and drop-off time. If the stay exceeds 24 hours, the sitter will have the ability to modify the total booking price. If you agree to the new price, you will then need to confirm the booking.

Example: if the chosen sitter charges £15 for 24 hours of boarding, and the service you need is from 12pm on the Friday until 9pm on the Sunday, the total price will be £30 (12pm Friday until 12pm Saturday + 12pm Saturday until 12pm Sunday), plus the fee that the sitter may want to add to supplement the time from 12pm until 9pm on the Sunday. 

You can stay in contact with the sitter throughout the stay via our app. The sitter can also send photos so you can see what a great time your dog is having.

You will be responsible for bringing your dog’s food and vaccination card, and also for checking that their collar/harness and lead are in good condition. 

Remember to make the sitter aware of any important details about your dog, and anything that they need to bear in mind during the walk. This can include whether they pull on the lead, if they tend to pick up anything within reach, any dogs or animals that they don’t get along with, etc.

Naturally, walks are included with dog boarding.