What are holiday rates and how do they work?

Everybody likes to enjoy their holidays, sitters and dog owners. That’s why you have the ability to raise your rates for services throughout the holiday season, having more requests in these holiday periods.

What are the U.K. holiday dates for 2020?

  • Easter Weekend: 10 - 13 April
  • May bank holiday: 8 - 10 May 
  • Spring bank holiday: 23 - 25 May
  • Summer bank holiday: 29 - 31 August
  • Christmas: 23 - 26 December 
  • New Years: 31 December - 3 January, 2021

What are the Irish holiday dates for 2020?

  • St. Patrick's Day: March 17
  • Easter Monday: April 11 – April 13
  • May Bank Holiday: May 2 – May 4
  • June Bank Holiday: May 30 – June 1
  • August Bank Holiday: August 1 – August 3
  • October Bank Holiday: October 24 – October 26
  • Christmas Break & St Stephen’s Day: December 24 – December 27
  • New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day: December 31 – January 3, 2021

How do holiday rates work on your profile?

If a booking includes dates within a holiday period, your holiday rates will be applied to the entire booking. For example:

You receive a dog boarding request from December 19th to December 24th. The holiday rate will apply to all five nights.

If you receive a booking for multiple dogs from the same owner, your holiday rates will be just applied to one of the dogs, keeping your regular rate for the rest of the dogs.

How do I edit my holiday rates?

The default holiday rate is 3 pounds more per day and service than your regular rate, but you can edit this rates as you wish. How?

If you do this from our mobile App, firstly you should close and open the App again, and then:

Profile > Edit services and Rates.

If you do this from the Gudog website, you should go to the “Services and Rates” section on your profile.