Dog walking service

If you are a Gudog sitter who offers a dog walking service, please note that the rate you charge will be for walks lasting an hour, including pick-up and drop-off at the client’s house

It’s vital that the collar and lead are in good condition. Although this is the owner’s responsibility, it doesn’t hurt for you to have a double-check. 

Never let the dog you are walking off the lead - with the exception of enclosed areas with and owner’s prior approval. Even if the dog is accustomed to being let off by their owner, it’s likely that they won’t behave in the same way when they are with you. 

During the walk, you can stay in contact with the owner via our app, and send photos so they can see what a good time their dog is having. 

Remember to ask the owner for any important details about their dog, and whether there is anything that you need to bear in mind during the walk. This can include if they pull on the lead, if they tend to eat everything they come across, any parks or areas to avoid, etc. 

The next working day following the end of the service, we will transfer the payment for your booking, and send a message to the owner encouraging them to leave a review about the service they received. This review will be shown publicly on your profile; available for other dog owners to read and decide whether to leave their dogs with you.