Standards for Sitters

Manage your bookings via Gudog 

You will receive requests from potential clients interested in having you take care of their dogs. In order for us to help you with any queries or follow up, kindly ensure that all the communication with potential clients is made through Gudog's private message system and of course make the booking through the platform. If any bookings are made off-site, your profile will be automatically deactivated.

Never accept a guest dog in your home until you have a confirmed booking on Gudog.

Providing contact information before the booking is not allowed.

If an owner would like to arrange a meet & greet with you, we would suggest the following:

  • Make a walking booking (or the cheapest service you provide) as a trial. This will enable you to arrange a meet & greet. If all goes well, you can then make a confirmed booking. By doing so, you will be covered by our veterinary insurance and can also charge for your time.
  • Another option, perhaps the most common, is to have a confirmed booking in place for the dates. Once a booking is confirmed, the contact details are provided and you can discuss further and arrange a meet & greet. If for any reason you feel it won't be a good fit, you can cancel it and by notifying us, we will refund the full amount to the owner.

Remember that all messages containing contact details go into validation status and can take several hours to reach their recipient.

Always keep the dogs on the lead

  • Always collect the feces of the dogs you are walking. If not, you could face fines of up to € 750!
  • In case the guest dog is unwell or gets injured, go to the nearest vet as soon as possible. Notify the owner and the Gudog team about the situation. Don't forget to ask for the invoice and veterinary report and send it to us.

Don't set different rates

You cannot set a different price in your description or send a personalised reservation with an amount higher than that in your profile unless it is the holiday rates.