5 tips to be the best dog sitter

1. Update your profile

These pieces of advice will help you to have a better position on our search engines.

  • Frequently update your calendar

Do you have work or are you going on holiday? Mark these days down as Not available in your calendar. This will only take a moment and will avoid clients making a booking request that you are not be able to do. You will also save our team a lot of precious time trying to find a replacement dog sitter.

  • Update your photo album

Do you have new photos enjoying the company of your four-legged friends? Upload them to your Gudog album! This will improve your position on the list of dog sitters and make your profile more attractive. Owners also feel safer leaving their dogs with a sitter who has lots of photos.

  • Revise your services and rates

Boarding, doggy daycare and dog walking are the three services we currently offer at Gudog as a dog sitter.

The star service we offer at Gudog is Boarding: don´t forget to indicate whether you can offer this service on your profile!

Remember that you can offer this service from £20 per night and include drop off/pick up which will improve your position even more.

  • Edit your description

Make the most of this space to add important things like your timetables, if you accept/don't accept all breeds, if you have any veterinary training or canine education.


2. Prepare your dog and your house to welcome a new friend

Make sure that your house is completely safe for dogs: make sure that windows and doors close properly and that there is nothing within reach that could cause harm. If you are among one of the fortunate that also has a garden and swimming pool, take special care that the dogs you are looking after don't have an accident.

If you are going to leave the house for a few hours, move anything that could cause harm out of reach of the dog.

Also, don't forget to keep anything of value to you out of reach. Just because your dog doesn't break things doesn't mean other dogs won´t.


3. Prepare your dog and your house to welcome a new friend

We recommend that when you meet the dog and their owner, you ask a few important questions:

  • Diet


Meal times and quantity

Walk times

If they are allowed or not allowed “treats”, what kind and daily quantity

  • Health

Do they have an illness?

Are they following a treatment or taking any medication?

Are their vaccinations up to date?

  • Behaviour

Behaviour at home both while alone and with company

Do they get separation anxiety?

Are they friendly with other dogs? Male and female?


4. Keep their owner informed daily

When you have left your dog with a Gudog dog sitter, nothing makes you happier than receiving a daily photo of your dog having a great time at home with their sitter or in the park playing with their new friends.


5. Act quickly in the case of an emergency

If you are looking after a dog and there is an emergency, remember to act quickly.

If a (justified) inconvenience has arisen and you can no longer carry on looking after the dog you are boarding or the dog has an accident while with you, write us an email at

How are the payments of vet bills carried out?

In the case of an accident, you must pay the total cost of the vet bill and send it to us (along with a detailed vet report) so that we can reimburse you via your bank account.

Remember to warn us immediately (after making sure the dog is ok) at