What does our emergency veterinary insurance cover?

When you make a booking on Gudog, your dog will have veterinary cover in the case of an accident.

We consider the following incidents as accidents:

  • Your dog is the victim of a road accident
  • Your dog is injured by another animal
  • Your dog suffers broken bones, traumas or internal injuries that affect the dog from being able to carry out normal activities such as running or jumping.
  • Circulation problems while in a vehicle
  • Falls that cause traumas or internal injuries
  • Ingestion of foreign objects
  • Poisoning or intoxication
  • Any other injuries or traumas as a result of violence, whether it be intentional or not by a third party other than the dog sitter.

The maximum refundable amount, per accident, is £500.

The following incidents are not covered:

  • Infectious, episodic or parasitic diseases of any kind, including those transmitted through insect bites or stings, mites, rodents or other mammals
  • Illnesses or injuries consistent with age or as a result of any type of surgery
  • Aesthetic surgery, such as those that are carried out on certain breeds to modify their ears or tails, as well as nail removal
  • Other injuries different to the incidents described above
  • The participation of the insured animal in bets, hunts or sports
  • All mistreatment, exhaustion and bad hygiene attributed to the animal owner and not the dog sitter during their supervision
  • Treatments and care 12 months after the initial treatment date for each accident

Which costs does our veterinary insurance cover?

  • Emergency visit to the vet which the dog sitter must do during the service or emergency visit to the vet which the dog owner must do on the last day of the service or the next day (if the dog was picked up in the evening).
  • One visit to the vet after the end of the service, in the 7 days following the first emergency visit (this visit will be a follow up one because of the emergency visit by the dog sitter during the stay).
  • The maximum amount refundable by accident is £500.

The services paid for dogs who do not possess a chip or a tattoo, which is compulsory by law, before the beginning of the service will not be covered by our veterinary insurance and will not benefit from a refund for veterinary bills.

Emergency visits to the vet subsequent to the ones mentioned above (meaning emergency visit and first follow up visit) will not be covered by our veterinary insurance, such as other follow up visits, check-ups, rehabilitation or any other treatment.