How do I make a booking for my dog?

Making a booking on Gudog is really easy.

All you have to do is choose your city and select the service you need. We will then show you a list of sitters that offer this service in the area you have chosen. You can proceed to each of their profiles to view their photos, see their rates and read reviews left by other owners. 

If you have any particular dates when you need a sitter, you can filter your search by date. Just simply mark the dates that you need, and we can show you the sitters available during this period.

To book the sitter you have chosen, select the “Contact” option on their profile. You will then be asked to input all of the necessary details to send your request onto the sitter. These include: service, dates, pick-up/drop-off time, if you need a pick-up service from your home, and a message for the sitter. After completing, click “Send”.

You will not pay anything at this stage. You are simply sending your booking request to the sitter to see whether they are available, and if they can accept the service you need for your dog.

After submitting your request, you have the option to make payment by clicking “Add payment method” (you will find this button in the conversation that you have generated with the sitter by contacting them). Please note that you will only be charged when the sitter confirms your request. If the booking is rejected, no payment will be taken.

After receiving your request, the sitter has a couple of options. We will explain these one by one so you know how to proceed in each situation:

  1. The sitter can confirm your request, and they have 24 hours to do so. This means that they are available for the service you requested. In this case, to guarantee the booking, all you need to do is make payment for the service within 24 hours (if you haven’t done so already). To make payment now, select Pay, add your card details, and click Confirm payment. Done! Your booking is completed.
  2. The sitter can amend your booking with regards to the dates and/or the rate. Review the changes and, if you agree, confirm the booking and make payment in the same way as indicated above. Before confirming, you are also able to edit the booking request you have already sent (for example, the dates). Likewise, these changes must also be confirmed by the sitter. 
  3. The sitter can write you a message asking for more information about what you need, or about your dog. You can then have a conversation before confirming the booking.
  4. The sitter can reject your booking. This means that they are not available for the service you need. You can then submit a new request to another sitter by following the same process as before. You can also contact our team on or through our chat, and we will give you a hand in finding an available sitter.

Please note that all payments made via our platform are 100% secure. You pay Gudog, and Gudog is responsible for paying the sitter when the service ends.