Gudog veterinary insurance

When you have a booking for Dog boarding, Doggy day care or Dog walking on Gudog, the dog you take care of will be covered by our vet insurance during the service in case of an accident.

We only consider accidents the following cases:

Which cases does our vet insurance cover?

  • Fight with other animals
  • Breakage, trauma or internal injury which prevent the animal from running and jumping
  • Car crash while getting around in a motorised vehicle
  • Swallowing an object or a foreign body
  • Poison or/and intoxication
  • Any other physical injury due to a violent cause, sudden, external and foreign to the intention of the insured, including acts of vandalism.
  • Bites or wounds inflicted by other dogs or animal during the stay or walk with the dog.

Which cases does our vet insurance NOT cover?

  • Infectious, sporadic, parasitic or any kind of disease, including the ones inflected by insect bites, mites, rodents or any other mammals.
  • Diseases or injuries due to your dog's age or stemming from any kind of surgery.
  • Gastro-enteritis caused by the ingestion of food or other food.
  • Surgery for aesthetic reasons, such as the ones used to change the shape of the tail and ears of certain breeds, and removal of the claws.
  • Participation of the animal in a bet, a dare, or a sport.
  • Any actions which destined the insured animal to other functions than the ones indicated in our terms.
  • Any bad treatment, negligence, tiredness, and bad hygiene of the insured pet, when these circumstances are attributed to the insured (the dog owner).
  • Accident which happened during hunting.
  • Any other damage different than the ones indicated as accidents above.

What costs does our vet insurance cover?

  • Emergency visit to the vet which the sitter must do during the service.
  • A visit to the vet after the end of the service, in the 7 days following the first emergency visit during the service (this second visit happens because of the first emergency visit with the dog sitter during the stay)
  • The maximum refundable amount, per accident, is £500.

Services offered to dogs who do not have a chip or a tattoo, which is mandatory by law, before the beginning of the service will not be covered by our vet insurance and will not be able to benefit from a refund for the vet bills.

Visits to the vet following the ones mentioned previously (i.e the emergency visit and the first check-up visit) will not be covered by our vet insurance. This includes check-up, follow-up or rehabilitation visits or any other treatment.