What is the profile validation process?

When you register with Gudog as a sitter, your profile is in the "Pending validation" stage. During this stage, your profile is reviewed by our team and you will receive a response after a maximum of 48 working hours. It is possible that on review we might require some more information before validating your profile. You will receive an email informing you about what details need to be added. After updating that, your profile will be reviewed by Gudog again.

Here are some tips to ensure that your profile is validated immediately:

  • Full name and surname. Don't worry, only your first name will be made public.
  • Exact address. It is essential that you check where you are positioned on the map. You must enter your address in detail, however, only the rough location will be made public in your public profile.
  • Description. Tell us about your experience taking care of dogs, your home, your schedule, and surrounding areas.
  • Photos. Your profile photo must be an image of your face, and in addition, you must also add photos to your album. You can include photos of your home, dogs you have cared for before, surrounding areas, etc. The more the better!

Good luck!