Is it possible to meet a dog sitter before a booking?

To be able to meet a dog sitter, you must have a confirmed booking with them.

Since we find it very good that an owner would want to meet a dog sitter before handing over their dog, we will give you two options which enable you to do so:

  • You can book a Walk (or the cheapest service the dog sitter offers) as a test run. This way, you establish contact with the sitter including the one between the sitter and your dog which is the most important one. After this service, and if it went well, you can then proceed to the "official" booking, the one you wished to make first (we remind you that only these bookings, meaning the ones made through our platform benefit from the Gudog veterinary insurance in case of emergencies). 
  • The second option and the one often chosen is to directly make a booking. When a booking request is confirmed by a dog sitter, you both receive an email with each other's personal details which enables you to meet before D day. If, after the meeting, you happen to not want to go through with the booking anymore because you don't like the dog sitter or because his dog doesn't get along with yours (only acceptable excuses), you can cancel the booking and we will refund the entire amount.