I want to meet the sitter before the booking

We want you to meet them too! To do so, you must have a confirmed booking. This means that the booking needs to have been paid for from your side, and therefore guaranteed. 

As soon as your booking has been confirmed by a sitter, Gudog will share both of your contact details. You can then speak on the phone and stay in contact ahead of the booking. This is highly recommended. 

What happens if, when I meet the sitter, there is something that I don’t like and I decide against going ahead with the booking? Let us know and we will help you to find another sitter, or cancel the booking so you can be refunded.

Another option for meeting a sitter is to book dog walking (or the cheapest service that they offer) with them. You can then use this to assess your first contact, and moreover see how they interact with your dog. If the walk goes well, you can make the booking “official”. This way, your dog will be covered by our veterinary cover during their trial booking, and the sitter will be paid for their time. 

Either of these two options are valid. Above all, remember that to meet a sitter, it’s vital that you have a booking confirmed in advance - “official” or trial.