Sending a custom booking to a Gudog user

If your calendar is already booked with a dog, but you are still able to look after another pooch on the same date and you're sure that both doggies will get along, and you have been given the permission by each owner, you may send a custom booking to the second owner.

You can also send a custom booking if you want to give a custom price for a long stay to a client.

In order to do this, just go in your conversation with the user and select the option "Allow the dog owner to book". 


Don't forget to:

  • Select the service you're going to offer
  • Indicate the Start date and End date of the booking
  • Indicate whether there will be any Pick up and Drop off and, if so, how many journeys 
  • Add a description of the service, if you wish


In the Price field, you must indicate the total of what you want to charge for the service. If your fee for a night of Boarding is £15, you must multiply it by the number of nights during which the dog will be staying at your house. Moreover, if you pick up and/or drop off the dog, you will have to add up the price for all journeys. 

Make sure you always have all the information you need about the dog, as well as the dates and specific hours, before you send a custom booking. To do this, before you send the booking, always ask the owner as much information as you can using our messaging service.

If in doubt, always ask our team before you send a custom booking to a user.