Dog walking

If you are a dog sitter and you offer dog walking through Gudog, remember the rates stated on your profile are per hour and include picking up and dropping off the dog at the owner's house. 

It's very important that the leash and collar are in good condition: even if the owner must check that, it doesn't hurt if you check too. 

Never let go of the dog you are walking! (except in designated zones and with previous owner authorisation). Even if the dog is used to being without a leash with his owner, it's not guaranteed he will act the same when walking with you. 

During the walk, you can be in contact with the owner through the App, and you can send photos of the dog so his owner sees how much fun he's having.

Remember to ask the owner about every detail you find relevant about his dog and important things to know during the walk (if he pulls on the leash, if he eats everything on the floor so you have to be extra careful, favorite areas or parks, the ones to avoid, etc).

The day after the service has finished, the dog owner will be asked to give their opinion on the service they and their dog received and this will go on your profile so that other dog owners will be able to see this. The payment will also be transferred to your wallet the following day which you can then transfer to your account with the click of a button.

You can contact us by email at

If a dog owner need weekly or monthly walks, you can send him a custom booking to merge all the walks.