Dog day care service

With our dog day care service, you care for the dog at your address for a maximum of 10 hours during the day. The owner will agree on the amount of time that they need with you, knowing that this cannot exceed 10 hours. The rate that you charge for this service will also be for a maximum of 10 hours , though whether for 4 or 10 hours, you will charge the same rate. 

During the stay, you can stay in contact with the owner and send them photos via our app. Owners love to receive photos and (brief) stories about what their dogs have been getting up to during the day. 

The owner is responsible for providing their dog’s food and vaccination card, and also for making sure that their collar and lead are in good condition. Though it’s worth a double-check from you as well!

Remember to ask the owner for any important details about their dog, and whether there is anything that you need to bear in mind during the walk. This includes their routine, walking and feeding times, if they tend to eat everything they come across, any medication that they need to take, obsessions, etc.

The next working day following the end of the service, we will transfer the payment for your booking, and send a message to the owner encouraging them to leave a review about the service they received. This review will be shown publicly on your profile; available for other dog owners to read and decide whether to leave their dogs with you.