What to do in the case of an accident

In the case that a dog that you are looking after through Gudog has an accident, you must act quickly.

Go to a trusted vet as soon as possible, one that is nearby. Once the dog no longer needs your attention, call the owner and keep them informed on the progress of the situation.

  • We only cover veterinary costs for the following incidents: see the cases we cover 
  • During your visit you must ask the vet for the following documents 
    • Veterinary invoice with all the details specified correctly, including the name of the guest dog, the date and invoice number.
    • The veterinary report where specified: the chip of the dog, the reason of the visit, the interventions performed and the treatment to follow if needed. 
  • You must send us the documentation by email at with a summary of what happened within 7 days after the incident which led to your visit to the vet. Please remember to also give us your bank details (IBAN) in order to receive a refund of the corresponding invoices. 
  • The dog’s chip number must be indicated on the Gudog profile in order to be refunded. 


Remember invoices might not be refunded if there are any indications of non-respect of the norms by the dog sitter, of negligence, lack of monitoring, not having been to the vet in the moment of the accident or non-respect or any other situation previously agreed upon by the dog sitter and the dog owner regarding their dog. Moreover, in these cases, Gudog has the right to use the total amount of the booking meant for the dog sitter as a way to pay the vet (in a case where the dog sitter were to be responsible).

If the incident leading to a visit to the vet is directly caused by the dog sitter’s dog or dogs, and/or by the dog or dogs the sitter was tending at the moment of the accident, the total amount of the fees could be paid by the dog sitter and he might not receive the payment he is due for the booking.