Rules for dog sitters

What are your duties as a Gudog dog sitter?

  • Manage your bookings through Gudog

You will receive messages from people interested in leaving their dog with you. To benefit from the services we offer our dog sitters and our clients, it is necessary that all communication is carried out through Gudog private messages.

Remember that all messages that contain contact details are sent to our team of moderators and marked with the status “validation in progress” until evaluated by our team. The message can take a few hours before the addressee receives it.

Giving your contact information is not allowed. If a dog owner wants to know you in person, you have two options:

  • The owner can book a Dog Walking service with you (or the cheapest service you offer) as a test. That way, you will make initial contact. If the walk was fine, you can then go with the “official” booking. Remember that only confirmed reservations are insured by our Emergency Vet Cover.
  • Or, and this is the most common chosen option, you go with the official booking first. Once you confirm the booking, the owner and you will both receive a mail with each other’s contact information, which allow you to organize a meeting before the start of the booking. If, when you meet, for some reason the owner decides not to go ahead with the booking, we would cancel it for him and issue a full refund, or help to find another sitter.

Remember that every message including contact information will not be sent until our team has checked it, and this can take a few hours.

  • Do not welcome a dog into your home without having a confirmed booking with the dog’s owner.
  • Never walk your client’s dog without a leash, except in areas designed for this purpose.
  • Always pick up the poo of the dog you are walking, or you undergo the risk of fines.
  • If the dog you are boarding has an accident, go immediately to the vet. Warn the owner if this is serious and inform us of the situation. Do not forget to ask for the bill and the vet’s report so that we can take charge of it.

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