How to get a better position on the list of Gudog dog sitters

We have created an algorithm that will improve search results so that dog sitters with a complete profile will be positioned in first place.

When a client searches for a dog sitter in their town, we take into account certain elements that determine the order the profiles appear in:

  • Availability recently updated
  • Last visit to the site
  • Number of photos in the album
  • Positive evaluations from clients
  • Response to message ratio
  • Acceptance to reservation ratio

Take into account these criteria and your position will always be one of the top:

1 - Update your profile

We cannot repeat it enough, if a client makes a booking reservation on a date that you cannot do, it is simply because you have not taken the necessary time to update your calendar.

The “update availability” criteria is essential for your positioning in the list when someone is looking for a dog sitter in your town. The more you correctly update your calendar, the more your profile will be visible.

Moreover, by updating your calendar you will avoid clients making reservations that you will have to cancel, making you look unprofessional and unreliable.

To update your calendar it is simple, go onto your Gudog profile page. You can mark the dates you are not available with a red cross.

2 - Regularly check

Another criteria in order to maintain a high position on the list is that you check your profile regularly. A dog sitter that regularly manages their profile, their messages and their reservations is a dog sitter that, by being diligent, will have a better place on the list when someone searches for dog sitters in their town.

3 - Your photo album

The more photos you share on your profile, the more you will be visible. Share photos of your animals, dogs that you have looked after, areas of your home that the dogs will have access to.

Not only will your profile go up the the top spots on the list, but you will also get more bookings because you will attract clients and seem more trustworthy than someone who just puts up a profile picture.