How to take good photos for your profile

As a dog sitter with Gudog, you must strengthen one essential element in order to always have more clients: trust!

There are many ways of doing this and one of the most obvious is with what you show on your Gudog photo album and profile picture.

It is important to take your time on your photo album. Photos are a decisive element for dog owners when it comes to making a booking request. You can upload photos of yourself, your dog, dogs that you have looked after, your house etc.

We want to give you some advice about what photos are the most appropriate for your profile and a few tricks to take good photos:

Profile photo

This is the first thing people looking for a dog sitter will see. Would you leave your dog with a person whose face you can't see? Or with someone with a blurred photo taken on a Saturday night while out partying? Neither would our clients!

Photo Album

What kind of photos do you put in your Gudog album?

Make the most of this space to show your future clients with who and where their dog will be staying: photos with your own dogs, photos of other dogs you have looked after, photos of your house (living room, garden, terrace etc).

Don´t forget to take good quality photos that show you and your home at its best. Here you have an example of a good photo for a Gudog album:

Advice about taking photos of your clients´ dogs:

If a Gudog dog owner has left their dog with you for a few days, we recommend that you keep them informed with messages and nice photos of their dog having a good time or sleeping like an angel. To do this, remember these little tricks:

1. Try to take photos where there is natural light

2. Take photos from the same level as the dog, there is nothing worse than a photo taken from a great height

3. Be patient. You will have to take dozens of photos before achieving the perfect photo.