What does a client (and their dog) expect of you?

If you have received a booking through Gudog, there are a few things that you must know so that the client will continue to entrust the care of their dog to you in the future:

  • Don't accommodate more than one dog at a time

Unless the dog owner agrees and you are certain that both dogs get on well, accommodating more than one dog in your house in not allowed. If you have your own dog, you must be 100% sure that they are sociable with other dogs and indicate this on your dog sitter profile.

We know that it is important for your dog to socialise, but this isn't the time to be César Millán and dog sitter doesn't mean canine educator. Their owner only wants you to care for their dog and show it love. Always tell the client about your own dogs´ character, it must be their decision and not yours if their animal is to live with other dogs.

Remember that we are the alternative to dog kennels, as such, we offer exclusive care to every dog.

  • Keep the owner informed daily

As dog owners, nothing calms us down more than receiving a nice photo of our dog when we have left them with a dog sitter. To know that our dog is sleeping calmly on the sofa or having a great time walking or playing is a great comfort. We want our clients to feel the same when leaving their dog with a Gudog dog sitter. Use all the methods you have available (whatsapp, email, text message etc).

  • Invite the dog owner to visit your house

This way they will know where their dog is going to be staying and it will reassure them about the quality of care you will give their dog and that they aren´t going to be staying in a gloomy, dangerous place. Moreover, they will be able to warn you about things that may be in reach of their dog which they have a weakness for.

  • Inform the Gudog team about any concerns you have

Remember that the dog owner will be on holiday or working; you mustn't constantly interrupt them with questions, doubts or worries. However, don't hesitate to contact us, you will not disturb us!

Let us know about any strange behaviour to decide whether or not to inform the dog owner. It is our job.